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Plan Details

CyberNet1 Wireless Service Plans

Please note:

Embedded video quality and buffering time is dependent on the website's settings for video playback.
To improve performance, try adjusting quality settings through the embedded video's interface.
Video streaming may require a substantial amount of time to buffer, depending on video quality.

Video Streaming, VoIP and Cloud Backup services are supported by the indicated packages,
however these services are not included as part of the package and must be purchased separately.
We do not currently offer a VoIP or Video Streaming service.

Please call (406)363-2183 for information about CyberNet1's Online Backup Solution.

CyberNet1 strives to ensure that "what you see is what you get."

With this philosophy in mind, we now present our packages primarily by their intended use rather than maximum speeds.

Our hope is that this will help alleviate any confusion caused by use of technical jargon when marketing internet services.

If you require more technical specifications, please contact our office at (406)363-2183.

PLANMonthlySemi-AnnualAnnualBandwidth Usage
SILVER$35.00----See DetailsUnlimited
GOLD$55.00$315.00 ($52.50/mo)$600.00 ($50.00/mo)See DetailsUnlimited
PLATINUM$80.00$450.00 ($75.00/mo)$840.00 ($70.00/mo)See DetailsUnlimited
DIAMOND$110.00$630.00 ($105.00/mo)$1200.00 ($100.00/mo)See DetailsUnlimited
Speeds may increase as we continue to upgrade our network.
Standard Installation Costs
$195 for Month-to-Month plans (No Contract Required)
$95 Install with 1 year Contract *
FREE Install with 2 year Contract *

Standard Installation includes labor, radio equipment, and cable run to a single location.**

Equipment requires access to two power outlets near the cable's entry into the building.

Non-standard installs are billed at an hourly rate of $75. Non-standard installations include but are not limited to: post mounting, relaying between buildings, or mount locations requiring a bucket truck.

* Contracts require auto-pay to a Credit Card (not a Debit Card) until completion of contract
** If a customer-owned router is not provided (or purchased), CyberNet1 will install a company-owned router (with internal wireless capabilities disabled) in order to authenticate to our network.