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Plan Details

Digital Subscriber Line

PLAN Bandwidth(Down/Up) Cybernet1 Residential Cybernet1 Business Phone Line
DSL Silver 1.5M/896k $20.00/mo $25.00/mo $28-35 (CenturyLink*)
DSL Platinum 3-5M/896k $20.00/mo $25.00/mo $28-35 (CenturyLink*)
Additional Charges
Modems $75 direct from Cybernet1 (Compare to CenturyLink* modem for $99.99)
Phone Line Activation $59.00 (CenturyLink*)
Modem Rental $5-8/mo. (CenturyLink*)
Static IP Address $4/mo. (Per public address, provided by Cybernet1)
Separate billing for Cybernet1 internet service and CenturyLink* phone service.
* CenturyLink is not affiliated with Cybernet1 and only provides the phone line service; the listed activation, service, and modem fees are subject to change.