Remote Backup |

Remote Backup

Cybernet1 now offers a superior backup solution!

Simple & Easy to Use!

Local to Cybernet1's network cloud, our customer's information is never exposed to the internet. Remaining in the cloud provides additional security over other online-backup solutions.*

Cybernet1's backup solution has the ability to:
  • Backup Servers, SQL/Exchange databases, HIPAA compliant patient files, PCI compliant files (Credit Card #'s), and more
  • Provide non-throttled backups/restores, minimizing time expended and maximizing efficiency
  • Seeded backups & Server-side restores for large data
  • Encryption, Compression, and Data Deduplication

    With In-House and Live Phone Support, we help our customer's to reliably and securely backup their important information, and to quickly and easily restore saved information after an emergency. Rest assured that Cybernet1 is here to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

    When researching backup solutions, we would like to remind our customer's to be wary of comparing apples to oranges. A quality backup solution is not only about managing time but primarily about reducing risk of: file corruption, loss of vital business information, or going out of business entirely due to some catastrophic event.

    Does your current online backup solution provide In-House or Live Phone Support, or will you spend hours or even days exchanging emails overseas?

    Do you, yourself, have the time to hassle with complicated offsite backups, or would you prefer having a simple, easy-to-use program that is supported by a local professional?

    In an emergency, would you prefer to hassle with your current solution, unsure how to recover from your online backup, or have a local support team ready to help recover your data?

    Time is Money: CyberNet1 wants to save you both by providing a hassle-free, reliable, and robust backup solution.

    * This service is usable via the Internet, but our customers should understand the inherent risk of backing up sensitive information "over the Internet."