About | Cybernet1

Our Mission is to
“Provide the Highest Quality and Most Reliable Internet Service using Best in Class Technology combined with Exceptional Customer Service”.


Richard Pedersen first founded Cybernet1 and Hamilton Computer Service in 1996 and the services they offered were a reflection of the times. They provided dial-up internet, email, website design/hosting, and computer repair. Eventually, Richard started making internet available through the use of a tower network and became a Wireless Internet Service Provider.

Jason and Tashara Pond purchased the company in January of 2018 bringing new life, and vigor under the umbrella of the parent company Grizzly Broadband LLC. By cultivating core values, empowering the old guard, expanding the ranks with new team members, and reviewing and repairing old issues; Cybernet1 and Hamilton Computer Service is better able to continue its mission to bring excellent customer service via best in class technology to the valley.

Cybernet1 is also working to uplift the community through its charitable donations to organizations like Relay for Life, the Darby, Corvallis, and Hamilton Fire Stations, Ravalli Search and Rescue, the Farmer’s Market, and various churches.


Cybernet1 has upgraded its wireless tower network to accommodate the increase in demand for bandwidth as well as the influx of new residents to the valley. We have added new towers to balance the load across the network to provide a better customer experience and added customer service representatives to make your wait time shorter and friendlier.

We’ve performed point to point installs for select “out of the way” customers with specific needs for a dedicated link. We’ve also created the Half-Mile program for customers within a physical half mile of our downtown Hamilton storefront tower to showcase the high speeds our company can provide.
Our parent company has installed high-speed fiber optic internet to a handful of subdivisions in an effort to accommodate the demand for higher and higher bandwidth and are planning for growth to satisfy the demand for internet in the Bitterroot Valley and beyond. Finally, we’ve doubled the number of workers on our digging team to pursue the great goal of “fiber to everyone”.


As we increase the reach of our fiber-optic network we will wind down the wireless network transitioning our customers from the towers to fiber. This will free up capacity on the towers and improve quality of service for all. Consequently, this will also create a backup system unheard of by our competition ensuring a robust and doubly reliable system.