We provide Wireless Internet coverage based on Line of Sight. We offer three different speed packages to keep our internet affordable depending on your personal needs. Above are our prices and a general idea of what each package will support. Please keep in mind that ALL of our packages have NO data caps, so you will never be throttled or blocked.

How do we provide you with Wireless Internet coverage?

Cybernet1 has implemented over 60 wireless access points spread across more than 15 tower locations, from Conner to Huson. Every major tower site is equipped with a robust backbone router dedicated to maximizing performance of all network traffic. We have an advanced system of QOS that spans the entire network topology all the way from the edge of our network to the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). This ensures that bandwidth is available to high bandwidth applications such as video streaming and stability for time sensitive traffic such as Voice Services and Gaming.





Internet for two




Family Package




Working From Home


Staring at


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