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We offer several different services, but nothing is as important to us as Customer Service. Relying on our broad base of experience in customer service and internet technology, this “hands on” company strives to offer the best combination of services available from any Internet Service Provider in Western Montana. Despite our tremendous growth over the years, this philosophy continues to be our priority, and we strive to make every customer feel welcome in our office.

Internet Service




Internet for Two

Up to 6 Mbps




Family Package

Up to 16 Mbps




Working from Home

Up to 32 Mbps

Installation Fee $120

Option 1: Pay $120 during installation

Option 2: Pay $10 monthly for 12 months

Other Services

Phone Service

Hook your home or business up with our digital phone system.

Hosting Service

Host your sites and manage your email with the security of local support.

Email Service

Cybernet1 operates a secure local email server. Trust us to keep your mail private.