Internet Troubleshooting | Cybernet1

No Internet Connectivity (WiFi or LAN shows disconnected)

  • Verify that your computer’s wireless is ‘turned on’ or your WiFi USB adapter is securely plugged in
  • Attempt to reconnect to your WiFi network, and/or verify all network cables to router are securely connected
  • If unresolved, you may need to ‘remove’ your current WiFi network from the ‘preconfigured’ or ‘saved’ networks
  • Attempt to reconnect to your WiFi network, verify your WiFi password and security type are correct
  • If unresolved, power-cycle your WiFi router, then wait 5 minutes and attempt to reconnect to your WiFi network
  • If unresolved, bring your computer and router In-House and we can assist you with connecting to the WiFi

No Internet Connectivity (WiFi or LAN shows connected, but you have no internet access)

  • Power-cycle WiFi router, wait 5 minutes and then test connection
  • If unresolved, power-cycle Outdoor Radio (via POE injector), wait 5 minutes and then test connection
  • If unresolved, verify cables connections (see photos below for POE injector and WiFi router)
  • If unresolved, call CyberNet1 at (406)363-2183, be ready to provide the name on your account and a description of the problem. Our frontdesk staff will create a service request ticket, and at the first opportunity, a technician will test connectivity to the outside radio. If an on-site inspection is required, the technician will call to make arrangements.*

Noticeable Degradation of Service (Suspected issue with alignment or outdoor radio)

  • Call the office to have a technician verify radio signal and service quality. If possible, please provide recent results, including the time of day, from If the radio signal or quality are poor, a technician will call to schedule a time to meet on-site for a service call.
  • Many service problems are often related to internal wireless routers, local interference, multiple high-usage devices, or other internal equipment failures (cables, cable terminations, switches, routers, power injectors, Ethernet ports, virus infected computers, et cetera).
  • If our technician determines that the outside radio’s signal and quality are within normal operating levels and performs as expected, then there may be an internal network issue present.* In this case, please call (406)363-2183 to have a technician scheduled to meet you on-site.
  • Computer-related issues are to be addressed by our in-shop computer technician at an hourly rate of $65.
  • If necessary, we can remote into your computer and perform minor repairs, or have our computer technician scheduled to meet you for an on-site service call at an hourly rate of $80.
  • An adult that is authorized to make changes to the account or building infrastructure must be present for the duration of any on-site service call.
  • Please note that any signal or alignment issue that is not related to equipment failure may result in a service charge. This includes, but is not limited to: new obstructions to Line of Sight, physical contact or damage by humans and animals, icefall, severe weather, etc.

Please feel free to call the office to follow-up on the status of your service ticket.
All service calls are handled on a First-Come-First-Served basis.
Expedited Service** is dependent upon technician availability.
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† When power-cycling, please do not unplug any Ethernet cables as a charge may be assessed for any service call resulting from mismatched or poorly connected cables
* Internal network & computer-related issues may result in a service charge at an hourly rate of $75
** Expedited Service is charged at an hourly rate of $75 with a one-hour minimum, regardless of the cause